How to deposit and withdraw at the bitcoin casino online

Many bitcoin casinos online face challenges from players who have low trust in them while playing the bitcoin casino. Also, there are many users who never believe in the integrity of the game. This is why some casino platforms use a transparent system to gain the users’ trust.

The best idea to gain the users’ trust is to openly disclose how the software algorithm of bitcoin casinos works. For this, it is also important to tell the easy steps for users to make the deposit and withdrawal at a bitcoin casino.

In this article, we will tell how to make deposits and withdraw earnings through the bitcoin casino online.

How to deposit at a bitcoin casino

Before starting a lot of fun from the bitcoin casino list of gambling, you have to buy some crypto coins and store them in your gaming wallet. Here are some easy steps that help you to make the deposit online with bitcoin and start gambling.

  1. Select the wallet where you want to store your bitcoins. It can be a hardware wallet, cloud wallet, or paper wallet.
  2. Now you have to purchase the bitcoins to start playing the bitcoin casino online. You can start playing bitcoin casino games through the bitcoin exchange or via the people in your area who use the appropriate payment method.
  3. Go to the desired bitcoin casino. Create your gaming account here and get the welcome bonus
  4. Choose the bitcoin casino online as your selected deposit method on the deposit or cashier page.
  5. Enter the amount that you want to make a deposit, confirm this transaction, and wait until you are notified of a successful deposit

How to withdraw from bitcoin casinos

Once you start playing the bitcoin casino games and earn money, then it is a great time to withdraw your earnings from the bitcoin casino. Here are some simple steps that tell you how to withdraw earnings through the bitcoin casino online.

  • Go to the cashier page in the Bitcoin casino list.
  • Select bitcoin as the appropriate withdrawal method
  • Enter the earning amount that you want to withdraw through the bitcoin casino online
  • Move to the bitcoin wallet and copy the bitcoin wallet address
  • Give this bitcoin wallet address to the casino
  • Tap on withdraw option
  • You will get the funds in your bitcoin wallet online within some hours.

After you get the bitcoin into your wallet, you can easily convert your bitcoin earnings into the normal currency and send it to your bank.