Vivo Y72 Camera Review – Find Out What the OIS Sensor Can Do For You

The Vivo Y72 is the perfect phone if you are looking for a mobile phone with all the basic features for your daily activities. The device boasts of the best features packed into a cost effective package. It also comes loaded with plenty of value-added features to make your work simple and easy. In this article, we look at some of the key features that the phone offers and how they enhance the user experience. To know what these features are, read on.

Value for money: The price of the smartphone is really good when you compare it to other similar handsets in the market. It definitely allows you to do your everyday tasks without having to worry about the difference in quality and performance. Vivo has priced its device very reasonably so that it can be purchased by any class of customers. Apart from that, availability of the smartphone on the online market is really fast. You can buy Vivo y 72 from the online store or at any of the mobile shops located near your locality.

Connectivity options: The connectivity options of the smartphone are excellent. You can use different Bluetooth headsets to access different applications that you may want to use. Apart from that, you can connect to the microSD slot and download apps such as music player. Apart from that, you can also browse different web pages using your web browser. This feature makes the usage of the vivo y72 smartphone even easier.

Camera integration: When it comes to the camera, the Vivo Y 72 has got one of the best camera integration facilities. The handset comes with a built-in camera which allows you to take pictures using different modes including Single shot, Selfie, Rich photo and others. The OIS camera also helps you to take videos. The OIS feature helps to focus the camera on the subject with no optical zoom. You can also record videos in high definition.

Storage: The storage of the device is average and hence you should not have to worry about the storage of the data. There is adequate space for the storage of images, videos and songs. However, the main camera of the smartphone lacks sufficient storage to support video recordings. Therefore, you will need an external photo album to store your photographs and videos.

Software: The software of the phone is not that much advanced when compared with other mobiles. However, it has been upgraded to support some of the latest social networking services like Facebook and Twitter. The Vivo y 72 has a complete support for Android OS 4.4.2 which is one of the most popular mobile operating systems today. The OIS sensor also helps in capturing high resolution images and videos.